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  • soheila Harat posted a discussion DNA barcoding  Hello,I am doing a research in DNA barcoding and I would like to know your point of view in;How DNA barcode data is manged in BOL?What are your suggestion to overcome climate change, pollution and migration of specimens? How do you identify a specimen if there is a mutation in a gene?What are the best obtaining DNA sequence from formalin-preserved  samples ?Thank you so muchSee More
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Lepidoptera Barcode of Life: The aim of the Lepidoptera Barcode of Life campaign is to build a COI barcode library for all butterfly and moth species. This library will … Read More

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CBOL Protist Working Group (ProWG): The Protist Working Group is charged with the task of establishing the standard BARCODE region(s) for protists. Once approved, this standard will undoubtedly spark a … Read More

Tephritid Barcode Initiative (TBI): TBI, the Tephritid Barcode Initiative is a two-year "demonstration project" that will create an operational system for identifying fruit flies around the world. TBI will … Read More