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  • Identification of Salmo salar population/stock origin
    Anybody have information about possibility to identify origin of natural populations or commercial stocks of Salmo salar using barcoding? Especially …
    13 March 2014, Shirak Andrey
  • Best Primer for Gammarus ( Gammaridae ) species
    Good evening, I'm a biology student from Germany and I started to work on my Bachelor thesis . I need …
    7 March 2014, Giulia Pfeil
  • Insect Museum samples- Barcoding Project
    If anyone have the experience of doing Barcoding projects in insect museum samples., kindly let me know. I would like …
    6 January 2014, NSubash Chandrabose
  • Barcoded pyrosequencing
    Hai to all,                Can Barcoded pyrosequencing identify bacteria found in human habitats at …
    18 December 2013, D. ESTHER LEBONAH
  • Barcoded Pyrosequencing
     Hai, anybody please help me to solve my problem.          My problem is         …
    11 December 2013, D. ESTHER LEBONAH
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  • Prasanna Kumar shared their discussion on Facebook DNA Barcoding Sea Slugs of India
  • asma karim joined Megan A. Milton's group BOLD Systems The Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) is an online workbench that aids collection, management, analysis, and use of DNA barcodes. See More
  • Prasanna Kumar added a discussion to the group Marine Barcoding DNA Barcoding Sea Slugs of India Hi every one,Past 3 years of extensive sea slug collection around Indian waters including the Islands resulted in collecting and documenting 101 species. The network on sea slug barcoding is planning to sequence at least 3 specimens per species as a part of effort to build a DNA barcode library for Indian sea slugs. The network is looking for collaborations from national and international researchers to meet the sequencing expenses. Researches interested in barcoding Sea Slugs are most welcome to join the effort. Cheers!See More
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