Barcoding Projects

There are many international barcoding activities dedicated to the development of targeted public reference BARCODE sequence libraries.

Featured Projects



HealthBOL coordinates initiatives to barcode vectors, pathogens, and parasites for the betterment of human health around the world.

Lepidoptera Barcode of Life

The aim of the Lepidoptera Barcode of Life campaign is to build a COI barcode library for all butterfly and moth species. This library will permit the rapid, reliable identification of Lepidoptera at any stage of their development (egg, caterpillar, pupa or adult) and will facilitate the discovery and description of new species. Such barcode libraries, in combination with the ones built for other groups of terrestrial animals, will make possible the detailed biodiversity maps required to guide the positioning of protected areas and to monitor the status of terrestrial life.

Mammalia Barcode of Life Campaign

The Mammalia Barcode of Life campaign is a part of the larger effort encompassing all vertebrates, and aims to build a comprehensive reference library of DNA barcodes for the global mammal fauna. The campaign seeks to assemble a broad global coalition of leading researchers, museums, and other institutions with interest in mammal taxonomy and biodiversity

Marine Barcode of Life (MarBOL)

MarBOL is an international campaign to obtain at least 50,000 barcode records of marine species by October 2010. MarBOL is led by an international Steering Committee and an affiliated project of the Census of Marine Life (CoML).

Mosquito Barcode Initiative (MBI)

MBI, the Mosquito Barcode Initiative is another "demonstration project" aimed at producing a global operational system for identifying mosquitoes in two years. MBI plans to barcode at least five specimens from 80% of the 3200 known mosquito species. Disease-bearing species and their closest relatives will be the highest priority.

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