Barcoding Projects

There are many international barcoding activities dedicated to the development of targeted public reference BARCODE sequence libraries.

Featured Projects


CBOL Fungal Working Group

All Fungi Barcoding provides up-to-date information on fungal barcoding and facilitates communication and collaboration among researchers interested in fungi.

Bee Barcode of Life Initiative (Bee-BOL)

Bee-BOL, the Bee Barcode of Life Initiative, is a global effort to coordinate the assembly of a standardized reference sequence library for all ~20,000 bee species. Bee-BOL is creating a valuable public resource in the form of an electronic database containing DNA barcodes, images, and geospatial coordinates of examined specimens. The database contains linkages to voucher specimens, information on species distributions, nomenclature, authoritative taxonomic information, collateral natural history information and literature citations.

Coral Reef Barcode of Life

The Coral Reef Barcode of Life campaign is a detailed barcode study of fishes at one site in the Great Barrier Reef to generate a barcode library that will aid taxonomic work by clarifying species boundaries and by revealing cryptic taxa.

European Consortium for the Barcode of Life (ECBOL)

ECBOL is an information and coordination hub on DNA barcoding in Europe organized within EDIT, the European Institute of Taxonomy and maintained by CBS, the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures in Utrecth. The ECBOL initiative (Calibrating European Biodiversity using DNA Barcodes) is a network of European researchers and is seeking to obtain funding fro the coordination and maintenance of a Network of European Leading Labs.

Fish Barcode of Life Campaign (FISH-BOL)

FISH-BOL, the Fish Barcode of Life campaign, is collecting barcodes from at least five specimens representing the 30,000+ species of marine, freshwater and estuarine fish of the world. Like ABBI, FISH-BOL has a central Steering Committee and Regional Working Groups.

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