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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • A bar-code for every plant species
    Jun 1 2007: Imagine being able to walk up to any plant anywhere - be it a seedling or a 40m tree - a know its scientific name within a few seconds.  Such ability would be to botany what the World Wide Web is to humankind.   2007. University of Johannesburg, News Magazine, Autumn 2007. UJ FOUR 14-15.
  • Expert: DNA barcoding project just begun
    May 18 2007: Earth & Sky’s Jorge Salazar spoke with Dr. Stoeckle about DNA barcoding and why scientists are doing it.    2007. Earth & Sky Radio - A Clear Voice for Science.
  • Rival Genetics Projects Build Bridges
    Apr 26 2007: Projects that explore the world’s biodiversity might seem like natural allies. But last week a workshop was held in North Carolina expressly to mend fences between two such initiatives that have different approaches. Erika Check 2007. Nature Vol. 446
  • Scientists caught up in a great bloodsucker blunder
    Apr 22 2007: Decades of scientific research could be thrown into doubt, as it has been based on experiments carried out on the wrong leech   AFP, Paris 2007. Taipe Times.  19.
  • Barcoding Life
    Mar 1 2007: Life is short in Churchill, Man., where ice lingers on Hudson Bay until July and by September, it's snowing again. Even with these limitations, the tundra teems with activity and beckons biodiversity hunter Paul Hebert like a pet store to a wide-eyed child. Over three weeks last summer, he conducted a "biodiversity blitz" in Churchill -- a census of all the organisms he could get his hands on. Roberts, Siobhan 2007. Canadian Geographic. 127(2) 40-50

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