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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • He's bar-coding the entire planet
    Jan 15 2007: Prof. Paul Hebert is featured in a one-page science article in the January 15th issue of Maclean’s magazine.   Intini, John 2007. Maclean's. 120(1) 44
  • DNA Barcoding - a breakthrough for invasive species detection?
    Jan 1 2007: Despite widespread acknowledgement of the substantial and growing impacts of invasive species on economies and people’s livelihoods, there have been relatively few comprehensive assessments of these aspects.   2007. GISP News. 7 4-5.
  • Barcoding Life
    Dec 1 2006: "One day, when lost in the supermarket, evolutionary biologist Paul Hebert marveled at how every item could be identified using a unique bar code. Then it hit him: why couldn't DNA be scanned the same way? " - The Best and Brightest 2006, Esquire Magazine.   Chris Jones 2006. Esquire. 146(6) 284-285
  • The Barcoding of Life
    Nov 28 2006: Let's say you find a little piece of wildlife - a single hair, or a fragment of skin. What if you could pop it into a portable device, and learn its exact species - all in a matter of minutes?    de la Rosa, Carlos 2006. Isla Earth Radio Series.
  • DNA - A new tool for insect identification
    Nov 26 2006: This technology should prove to be a valuable aid to taxonomists and will be a major resource for plant exporters   Murphy, Graeme and Hannah Fraser 2006. Greenhouse Canada.  36-37

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