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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • Genetic Barcodes will ID World's Species
    Feb 10 2005: By taking a snippet of DNA from all the known species on Earth and linking them to photographs, descriptions and scientific information, the researchers plan to build the largest database of its kind.   2005. CNN
  • Scientists to Barcode Life on Earth
    Feb 10 2005: World collaboration will record the sequence of vital gene shared by birds, mammals, fish, plants and other organisms   2005. Guardian Unlimited
  • Science Intends to Tag All Life
    Feb 10 2005: Scientists are to establish a giant catalogue of life - to, in effect, "barcode" every species on Earth, from tiny plankton to the mighty blue whale.   2005. BBC News
  • The Tangled Bank
    Feb 1 2005: Naturalists race to count up their taxonomic blessings.   2005. Orion
  • Handheld DNA Scanners to ID Species Instantly?
    Jan 26 2005: Imagine a muggy summer night—steak sizzling on the barbeque, cold drink in hand, and hundreds of insects mobbing the porch light. Suddenly a mosquito dive-bombs your bare arm. You flatten it with a smack but not before it sucks a drop of your blood. Did you just contract the West Nile virus? If Paul Hebert gets his way, in about ten years all you'll need to do is feed a fragment of the flattened bug into your handheld scanner for analysis. Moments later, the little machine will identify the species with a photo and description, allowing you to determine if you are at risk.   2005. National Geographic News

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