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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • Bar code of Life
    Jan 10 2005: New species identification is becoming very easy.   Wade, Nicholas 2005. The Telegraph - Calcutta, India
  • A Species in a Second: Promise of DNA 'Bar codes'
    Dec 14 2004: If such devices are standard equipment for visiting distant planets, why can't we have them here at home where we really need them? Less than a fifth of the earth's 10 million species of plants and animals have been cataloged, and taxonomists are backlogged with requests to apply their specialist knowledge to identification problems.    2004. New York Times
  • DNA Barcodes - Life Under the Scanner
    Dec 4 2004: 2004. Science News
  • The Code of the Wild
    Oct 4 2004: Merger of DNA technique, barcodes has potential for instant specimen ID    2004. The Dallas Morning News
  • Zoologist gets his proof
    Oct 2 2004: It looks like a case of "I think I can, I think I can, I did" for University of Guelph zoologist Paul Hebert.Last year, we learned of his hope of using bits of DNA to refine how scientists determined what a species is. The technique looks at the DNA in a gene common to all living creatures. Prof. Hebert argued that the pattern variations he saw matched up well with species divisions biologists had arrived at before DNA data were available.   Strauss, Stephen 2004. Globe and Mail

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