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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • All Bar None?
    Sep 30 2004: There may be more species on Earth than previously imagined   2004. The Economist
  • DNA Barcodes May Tell Species Apart
    Sep 28 2004: One gene may give scientists an easy-to-identify label to distinguish an animal from a closely related species   2004. CBC.
  • DNA Bar Coding Uncovers Secrets of Costa Rican Butterfly
    Sep 28 2004: In one of the first uses of DNA bar coding, a new technique for cataloging the planet's species, researchers have uncovered an unexpected richness in the complexity of nature. A longknown butterfly has turned out to be not a single species but 10 different species that live in overlapping territories without interbreeding.   2004. New York Times.
  • DNA Barcodes Find Four New Species
    Sep 27 2004: Short stretch of DNA sequence fast, accurate method for identifying species 2004. Rockefeller University
  • DNA Barcodes Tag Species
    Sep 27 2004: Genetic sequence could give an instant biological identification.   2004.

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