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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • Taxonomy Isn't Black and White
    Sep 27 2004:   DNA barcoding method put to the test reveals new cryptic bird and butterfly species     2004. The Scientist.
  • 21st Century Ark: Taking Stock of Nature's Riches
    Jun 26 2004:   Wouldn't it be useful if we could identify any animal on earth simply by reading off a short stretch of its genetic code? Bob Holmes talks to the people who are makingthis dream a reality     2004. New Scientist
  • Modernizing the Tree of Life
    Jun 10 2004: A few enterprising researchers are using the tactics of big science to come up with ways to simplify and speed up the assessment of biodiversity. Others have pushed their colleagues into new ways of thinking about creating phylogenies, as they build ever-larger trees on their way to the one grand tree of life--a goal once considered unreachable.   Pennisi, Elizabeth 2003. Science Magazine. 300(5626) 1692-1697

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