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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • Expedition nets 10 000 plus species
    Oct 25 2010: They had hoped to collect around 1 500 species on their groundbreaking DNA expedition to South Africa’s biodiversity hotspots – but they came home with thousands more.
  • DNA Barcodes Could Help Conservation and Food Safety
    Oct 21 2010: The International Barcode of Life Project has a far-reaching mission – to build a digital library for all life on Earth.The scientists involved are compiling a database of DNA samples from as many different plants and animals as they can find. [[Video]]
  • Dr David Schindel, Executive Secretary, Consortium for the Barcode of Life
    Oct 1 2010: Organisation Executive Secretary, Dr David Schindel, outlines the work of the CBOL initiative, a collaborative undertaking comprising natural history museums and an array of bodies in the field of biodiversity research
  • DNA Barcoders Nab New Species
    Jul 29 2010: Biologists dream of hand-held DNA scanners that could tell an ecologist in the field whether or not an organism is a new species. That dream is a long way from fruition, but two new tests of a molecular technique called DNA barcoding suggest that it will become a powerful tool for cataloging the diversity of life.   2004. Science Now. 
  • DNA Barcoding: Cracking Down on Bushmeat
    Jul 28 2010: Geneticists are using the building blocks of life to combat a horrific illegal trade.

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