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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • Ventura County high school students taking part in international DNA catalogue project
    Jan 18 2010: A non-profit marine science center in Ventura County is allowing teenage students to take part in a global genetic mapping project, helping to create a landmark new data base for research, as well as practical applications.
  • NBC DNAHouse Project Interview
    Dec 29 2009: Watch the NBC interview with DNAHouse researcher Matt Cost and advisor Jesse Ausubel on YouTube.
  • With DNA Testing, Students Learn What's What in Their Neighborhood
    Jan 27 2009: Two students collected 217 samples they encountered daily and found mislabeled food and at least one surprise: hot dogs actually made of beef.
  • Barcode of Life
    Oct 1 2008: A small group of insect researchers have invented a device to identify every creature on Earth. So why do other biologists hate the idea?    Gary Wolf 2008. Wired Magazine 16:10
  • The Buzz on Bees
    Feb 1 2008: Only a tiny fraction of bees produce honey. Researcher Laurence Packer’s mission is to learn everything he can about the vast majority that don’t.   Stephen Strauss 2008. University Affairs

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