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DNA barcoding is making news around the world, with the most recent articles collected below.


  • Study: DNA barcoding can ID natural health products
    Sep 19 2012: DNA barcoding developed by University of Guelph researchers has proven up to 88 per cent effective in authenticating natural health products, according to a new U of G study. The study appears in the latest issue ofFood Research International. It's a crucial finding because the health product industry is under-regulated worldwide and mislabelling poses economic, health, legal and environmental implications, says study author Mehrdad Hajibabaei.
  • DNA barcoding: The hi-tech fight against fake food
    Sep 10 2012: From mislabeled meat to fake fur, a global industry has thrived for centuries by supplying shops and markets with fraudulent products. Is DNA barcoding the answer?
  • DNA identification of rays for fisheries management and conservation
    Sep 7 2012: A STUDY by Charles Darwin University and UWA Oceans Institute provides the first application of DNA-barcoding to tropical rays.
  • DNA sleuth to help Brazil catch loggers
    Sep 2 2012: IT SOUNDS like a job for the ­detectives of CSI: Amazon. Swathes of Brazil’s fragile ­rainforest are being devastated by a burgeoning trade in ­illegal logging but a lack of ­evidence means the criminals are never caught.
  • DNA barcodes next step in fighting crime
    Aug 20 2012: COUNTERFEITERS, cattle rustlers, terrorists and drug cartels are all potential targets for DNA barcode technology to be commercially launched soon by Adelaide company GeneWorks, managers say.

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