Standards and Guidelines

Adherence to community standards and guidelines is what allows the products of individual barcoding projects around the world to be integrated into the global DNA barcoding landscape.

  • BARCODE Data Standard

    Learn how to link barcode sequence records to voucher specimens, valid species names and taxonomic publications

  • Guidelines for non-CO1 Selection

    Sequence records in GenBank, EMBL and DDBJ can only be labeled as BARCODE records if they are from a gene region that has been approved by CBOL.  As of June 2007, only the Folmer region of COI has been approved for BARCODE status.  CBOL will use these guidelines to evaluate proposals to give BARCODE status to other gene regions.

  • Barcode Data Submission Tool (BarSTool)

    Submit your barcode data directly to GenBank.

  • Advice for Barcoding Authors

    The Consortium for the AuthorGuidelines.pdfof Life (CBOL) urges participants in major DNA barcoding initiatives to consider submitting “BARCODE data release papers” for possible publication by the Public Library of Science in PLoS ONE(1). The following suggestions will be of use to authors as they prepare their manuscripts for submission and review by PLoS.